Water Composition

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The European Acoustic Heritage  encouraged composers and sound artists to make a composition based the keyword ‘water’ as a contest, this summer/atumn. Below is my contribution and a description of the collage.

Listen to the composition here (44kHz .wav-file)

The featured description:

The region of Lofoten in northern Norway has for thousands of years been an area where people have been living in symbiosis with the sea, continually surrounded by a soundscape of the ocean and the seas. Because of the geography, Lofoten is now a popular destination for tourists.

In this composition, I have used sounds which I have recorded in Flakstad island, Lofoten, covering Bernie Krause’s terms geophony, biophony and antrophony. I chose not to manipulate the sound objects other than simple dynamic editing (volume/fades), to preserve the authentic and natural impression of the soundscape. The recordings are made from my own human perspective – ashore.

I used four soundscape recordings (0:00-0:39, 0:35-0:52, 0:42-2:14, 1:48-3:52) by the water, covering the geophony, which throughout the whole piece is being heard. The first is basically the water hitting rocks, second is from the water and waves under a pier, the third is from a beach nearby, with oystercatchers hunting. The fourth is from the Flakstad beach, which during the summer is a popular tourist site.

The rhytmic sound of the old fishing boat engine audible from about 1:42 is to symbolize the antrophony, and our use of the ocean. Though might concidered a paradox, as the engine is run by diesel, the sound is mostly associated with living in harmony with the nature. It’s been quite a few discussions over the recent years, whether or not one should allow to search for oil in this area. Quite many people fear the possibility of negative consequences, such as pollution, scaring fish through seismic shooting, the impact on endangered species of birds, etc. The Lofoten islands is also a candidate for the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Birds, mostly seagulls, is a significant keynote sound in Lofoten, and represent the biophony and the biologi, to which the ocean serves.

Even though all of the four recordings of water were made not very far from each other in time and place, they obviously sound very different. The soundscape goes from quite calm to quite noisy. The last minute of the piece reflects the continuity of the soundscape of the ocean, but through the quite noisy sonic environment, that could even be mistaken for heavy traffic, it also reflects the cruelty of the ocean. It’s a well known saying in this coastal area: ‘the ocean gives, the ocean takes’.

4’33 for nature

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To celebrate the 100th birthday of John Cage the 5.th of September 2012, I made my own version of 4’33. To read more about 4’33, look here. 4’33 was originally performed in a concert hall, where the sounds from the audience and ambience was to be considered as the music. In my version is quite simple a soundscape recording, with a more eco-acoustic approach. It was recorded at this location, and the nearby river is the most significant keynote sound, along with occasional bird song and wind rustling through the trees.

Listen to 4’33 for nature 20120904

It’s a quite static soundscape, might even be boring, but as John Cage said it: “If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all.”

Listen to the music of the soundscape around you!

City birds sing differently than country side birds

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City birds sing differently than country side birds, at a higher pitch than those who live in rural areas. The result would be that the song of the city birds will be heard at longer distances. Obvioulsly, the birds are heavily affected by the city soundscape and the architecture that surrounds them. It’s a quite a remarkable difference.

Flimmer nominert til Filmpolitiets kortfilmpris!

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Kortfilmen “Flimmer”, som jeg har laget musikken til, er nominert til Filmpolitiets Kortfilmpris. Du kan se den og stemme på den her: http://nrkp3.no/filmpolitiet/2011/05/flimmer/ Kan også deles videre via facebook, si din mening, etc. her. Regissert av Line Johansen.

Since this is a link to a Norwegian radio program, I wrote this post in Norwegian. In English: The short movie “Flimmer”, for which I composed the music, is nominated for the radio program Filmpolitiet’s short movie award. You may see the film and vote for it from the above link.

The first post to my blog!

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Welcome to my blog! The main purpose with this blog is to share thoughts, links, experiences, information, etc., mainly concerning music technology, from which I have my background and quite a lot of interest. Though, since this is my first blog and I’m new to this wordpress “interface”, I suppose there might be a lot of changes here, both of content and appearance… Mainly, I will write in English, but if there are good reasons for it, I might be write in Norwegian in some posts.