The main purpose with this blog is to share thoughts, links, experiences, information, etc., mainly concerning music technology, from which I have my background and quite a lot of interest. Though, since this is my first blog and I’m new to this wordpress “interface”, I suppose there might be a lot of changes here, both of content and appearance… Mainly, I will write in English, but if there are good reasons for it, I might be write in Norwegian in some posts.

About me: This page will be updated and rewritten some other time. My name is Hanstein Mørkved Rommerud. Some kind of CV would be appropriate here… Some relevant education: I have a masters dregree in music technology from NTNU (Norwegian University of Technology and Science), master thesis about generative music to express emotions for computer games, and one year at Trøndertun folk high school (sound engineering and music production).


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